Acquisition and research

The business network developed in China in recent years has also resulted in new business for Enschede. In April, Richard Kokhuis, the director of Economic, Social & Educational affairs at the city of Enschede travelled to Dalian, Beijing and Shenzhen with a delegation from the University of Twente. At the headquarters of DJI (the largest drone producer in China) in the city of Shenzhen, relevant parties made arrangements to collaborate on developing drone training programmes and on conducting test trials on the Safety Campus in Enschede. In June, this collaboration was confirmed with an official agreement.

During this mission, the University of Twente signed an exchange agreement with Dalian University of Technology (DUT) to encourage student mobility.  The collaboration between the chemistry faculties and in the field of ​​Ethics and Technology (Prof Philip Brey and Prof Wang Qian) appears particularly promising.

In November, Hai Zhu, a Chinese engineer and UT graduate, began researching sustainable energy for the municipality of Enschede. The municipality requested that he conduct this research after hearing his enthusiastic pitch on behalf of his team during the Smart City conference in July. Zhu will focus on one of the themes from that conference, namely reducing CO2emissions. Zhu's research, for both Enschede and his sister city Dalian, examines not only the challenges these two cities face, but also the solutions that each can offer by virtue of a collaboration.