Chinese New Year

2017 kicked off with the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The celebration included a traditional dragon dance, which attracted a large and curious audience around the Ei van Ko artwork and de Kleine Willem theatre.The rest of the programme consisted of various song and dance performances held at de Kleine Willem theatre, concluding with a Chinese buffet. This was the first time that the Chinese New Year had been organised on such a large scale in Enschede. And this did not go unnoticed. Enschede has been designated as the national venue for the celebration of the Chinese New Year in 2018. Buses from different (university) cities will visit Enschede in February 2018 to experience the hospitality of our city.

A few children in the audience for the dragon dance were overheard to say, 'I think this is so cool, because I've never seen this before!'

Video (1.36-1.55).