Economics, knowledge exchange and innovation

The American delegation from Palo Alto, who visited Enschede at the end of September, consisted of Mayor Greg Scharff, Vice Mayor Liz Kniss and City Manager Jim Keene. Their last visit to Enschede took place in 2013. On one hand, the visit was a follow-up to the Smart City Conference in July, which looked at smart solutions for the challenges both cities currently face, such as in the field of sustainability and mobility. At the same time, the visit was also a great opportunity to deepen the relationship between the University of Twente and Stanford University, one of the world's top universities that is located in the city of Palo Alto.

The American colleagues were also interested in how Enschede is tackling innovation and mobility. To that end, they visited Technology Base Twente and took in the city while on a cycling tour.

For the new year, plans are afoot to set up a civil servant exchange between these two cities in order to tap into each other's knowledge and expertise and to work on urban issues.