In April, the Van der Valk hotel in Enschede hosted a meeting for Twente companies interested in doing business in Poland. Representatives from the Polish Embassy in The Hague and from Rzeszow, a city that resembles Enschede in terms of population and profile also attended the meeting.  In September, this was answered by Enschede visiting Rzeszow. After talking with the mayor of Rzeszow, the delegation visited local companies from a space valley for some additional inspiration.

Over the past year, within various Polish networks, Enschede and Twente as a whole was presented as an interesting region for Polish entrepreneurs. In the new year, further acquisition of Polish companies will be continued, but also possible collaborations in the area of drones and sustainability.

Picture: Marcin Czepelak, Polish ambassador in The Netherlands (links) and Agnieszka Schipper, Manager Foreign investments Municipality Enschede.