Throughout 2017, various exchanges took place with schools and knowledge institutes in the city. Based on their portfolio, talented students from a drawing class at Bonhoeffer College van der Waalslaan were chosen to attend High School no. 15 in Dalian.


For the first time, a group of AKI students worked and studied for 3.5 months at Luxung Academy in Shenyang. In the autumn, the students put on an exhibition of their work at XPO in Enschede. The students were very pleased with these exchanges and wrote the following about it in their final report: 'We found the exchange an instructive and productive period: We strongly encourage AKI students to take advantage of the opportunity to study in Shenyang. Not only will you see art and culture from up close; you will make friends abroad and visit places you probably would not have time for while on holiday.'