In April, a municipal delegation attended the Economic Development Forum (organised by Eurocities) titled 'Innovative cities for a competitive Europe', which was held in San Sebastian. By participating in workshops with major cities from all over Europe, Enschede has gained valuable inspiration about various programmes for binding talent to the region and for profiling the city as an attractive place for knowledge workers. This 'peer-to-peer' comparison is valuable not only as a benchmark of our activities in Enschede, but also to help us determine whether we are using the right methods to optimise the regional business climate. The delegation has gained useful contacts from this conference that can contribute to the aforementioned tasks.

The second EDF conference in 2017 in Enschede provided us with new information

about how long-term public investments help strengthen the economy.  In the field of sustainability — one of the major themes of Enschede — we learned about innovative projects regarding the sharing and the circular economy.

The best practices in the field of city branding focused on social media as an important tool.  Finally, the conference provided new information concerning Novel-T, about industry 4.0.