Incoming delegations

Enschede holds economic interest for China; the city received regular visits from Dalian representatives throughout the year.

In April, the China Council for Promotion or International Trade visited entrepreneur Jan van Eck's event location on the grounds of the former airport of Twente.

In July, personnel from the Dalian Economic and Information Technology Office attended the International Smart City Conference. Our business network expanded in September with the inclusion of a delegation from the China Youth Entrepreneurs Association.  Later that month, the director of the Shenyang Red Cross Hospital visited various care organisations in Twente and shared his experiences in hospital management.  Finally, the municipal administration of the Chinese city of Ningbo visited Enschede in search of business opportunities at High Tech Twente.  The impetus for this last visit were the profiling activities of Indes, an Enschede-based company that founded a branch in Ningbo ten years ago.

Thanks to these incoming delegations, the business network between Enschede and Dalian is constantly expanding, thereby increasingly facilitating a smooth road to Asia for Twente entrepreneurs.