Smart City Conference

On 5, 6 and 7 July, a conference on Smart Cities took place in Enschede. Delegates from partner cities Palo Alto and Dalian and from the cities of Heidelberg, Linköping and Münster came together to work on the aforementioned Smart City Alliance and to exploit each other's knowledge and expertise to devise smart solutions for urban challenges.

During the conference, the abundant thinking power of young talent in Enschede was also exploited. Twenty-seven young people and nine professionals, with eleven nationalities between them, set to work on the issue 'How do you use smart-city technology to stimulate citizen participation?' The group consisted of both international students from Saxion and the University of Twente and students from the Honours programme at Bonhoeffer College. The top teams were awarded a sum of money and a ticket to Linköping to participate in the next international hackathon.

The delegates from the different cities participated in various workshops that focused on four themes: reducing CO2emissions, regulating drones, promoting self-reliance and using cycles and public transport. Thanks to this conference, cities from all over the world were inspired and, as an organiser, Enschede was able to position itself as a driver of relevant, pressing themes.