The Linköping collaboration

2017 saw Enschede forge a valuable partnership with the Swedish city of Linköping. In March, a delegation from the Swedish city of Linköping paid an official working visit to Enschede. The delegation consisted of municipal representatives, Science Park Mjärdevia and the Student Board. The visit included an introductory meeting with the municipality of Enschede and with representatives of Novel-T/Kennispark Twente, UT and Saxion, who already work intensively with their counterparts in Linköping. The two cities appear to share many similarities and common interests. The main possibilities were identified in the area of ​​Smart Cities. Both cities strive to profile themselves as a Smart City. Linköping's motto is 'där Idéer blir bewicht' or 'where ideas become reality'. After the visit, the Swedes joined an Alliance for Smart Cities that Enschede has prepared with Heidelberg and with the partner cities Dalian and Palo Alto.