Annual Report of the International City of Enschede 2018

This annual report gives an impression of our international activities in 2018. There were several meetings with our friends from our sister cities in China and the United States, and stakeholders from Germany, Poland and the Eurocities network. Educational partners or other parties such as students, artists or companies from Enschede were involved in all events.


Chinese New Year

Een rode 'draak' met publiek tijdens Chinees NieuwjaarThe year of the Dog was celebrated in Enschede with an original dragon dance at city hall. Chinese UT and Saxion students united in the ACSSE organised these Chinese New Year celebrations where Enschede entrepreneurs, directors and students attended the Chinese New Year Gala.




Visit of culture official from Münster

culture official from MünsterIn the context of the MONT (Münster, Osnabrück, Network City Twente) collaboration agreement, the exchange of officials was launched this year. Participants took an on-the-job course in language and cultural differences and were subsequently linked to a buddy on the other side of the border. In March, culture official Sabine Müller joined the culture team in Enschede for two days, followed by the return visit of official Lisette van Leemput to Münster in May.

Eurocities conference in Portugal

Logo European citiesIn March 2018, we travelled from the Network City to Braga (Portugal) for the conference of the Eurocities network's Economic Development Forum. We were there as part of the Innovation workgroup, where we worked on a position paper on European lobbying to further improve the European innovation climate. We also examined the innovation ecosystems of the Northern Netherlands and Grenoble. During the second day, we were able to advise various working sessions to other European cities that are setting up and developing innovation ecosystems.


ontvangst van de ambassadeur van China bij FC-TwenteMayor Onno van Veldhuizen welcomed Chinese Chargé d'Affaires Ribiao Che at a football match between FC Twente and Feijenoord. Mary Kok from the Holland Football University, who travelled to China this year for exploration and collaboration purposes, was also present, as were Monique Knapen of the China Connector and attaché Wei Tan.

Palo Alto-Enschede exchange of officials

Wouter Asveld bij een wegwijzer in Palo AltoIn April, economic policy adviser Wouter Asveld went on an officials exchange to Palo Alto for three weeks. The objective of the exchange was to identify new opportunities for collaboration between the sister cities. The main topic of this exchange specifically was drones, as Enschede is one of the founding partners of the Space53 initiative (test centre and cluster for unmanned systems). Additionally, Wouter also attended meetings with the different schools and art organisations in the Bay Area to establish links with initiatives in Twente.

In 2019, a Palo Alto official will make a return visit to Enschede.

PDFReport Palo Alto-Enschede Exchange 2018


Cultural meeting of Enschede and Münster

groepsfoto alle deelnemersOn Friday afternoon 20 April, cultural institutions from Enschede and Münster met for an introductory meeting at Rijksmuseum Twenthe. More than 25 people representing different institutions from the cultural sector of both cities attended, as did both aldermen for culture and other officials.

During this afternoon, it transpired that some institutions met each other for the first time and that for others took this opportunity to strengthen their existing relations.

The session was followed by an informal dinner in the Wilmink Theater, after which the guests attended the opening performance of the opera Der Fliegende Holländer.


Chinese Tourism conference

On 22 May, entrepreneurs and cultural institutions visited the Rijksmuseum Twenthe for an inspirational session on attracting Chinese tourists. They learned about tours for the Free Independent Traveler and the marketing of these tours via Chinese social media. Pilots can be launched with the assistance of Enschede Promotie.

Enschede – Dalian artists’ exchange

Vertegenwoordigers van Chinees/ Nederlandse overheid bewonderen een ets van de Enschedese kunstenaar Dirk.Artists in Residence Enschede organised an artists’ exchange with the Zhongshan Museum in Dalian for the fifth time. This summer, Enschede could admire the work of Weng Daosheng in Roombeek. The photograph shows representatives of the Chinese and Dutch government with one of the etchings of the artist Dirk from Enschede.



Eurocities’ Education Symposium in Tallinn

Gezicht op HeidelbergNetwork City Twente is a member of the working group Inclusion through Education. In May, the permanent members Barbara Verbeek and Astrid Scholtens, both Education Advisers, of the cities of Enschede and Hengelo respectively visited Tallinn, the capital of Estland. For four days, they discussed the main theme ‘Equal opportunities and educational equity’ together with colleagues from 30 European cities. By using the critical-friend method, educational institutions had the opportunity to submit issues to the European experts. In a short period of time, a considerable amount of knowledge was shared, networks were built, and lobby themes were discussed.


Visit Palo Alto and Enschede to Heidelberg education

Visit Palo Alto and Enschede to Heidelberg educationEarly June and as part of the BEAM project, an exchange took place between students of schools in Heidelberg and Palo Alto. Enschede sees this exchange as an opportunity to build a structural network in collaboration with schools for secondary education in Palo Alto and Heidelberg, enabling students to develop international and entrepreneurial skills. Preparations for this visit were made during an economic exploration earlier this year. In the autumn, talks were held about the themes 'involve residents in the relations between sister cities' and joint Erasmus applications in the area of digitalisation.

ENT-specialists from Dalian visit Medisch Spectrum Twente

KNO-artsen uit Dalian bezoeken MSTThe ear, nose and throat specialists of Medisch Spectrum Twente welcomed two colleagues from Dalian in June. Mr. Zhang Qingfeng and his delegation also visited ECTM at the UT, the Nursing Department of the ROC and companies operating in the area of medical technology like Demcon and Sigmascreening.


Bonhoeffer College - Dalian no 15 Highschool Educational Exchange

Uitwisseling scholierenFor four years now the Bonhoeffer College has participated in an exchange with the Dalian no 15, Middle School. In June, twenty Chinese students visited the Van der Waalslaan location. In November, there were talks in Dalian about the enrichment week next year. Apart from Dalian no 15, Luxun Highschool also came up as a candidate for an exchange with the Technasium, the Bruggerstraat location.


The mayors of Enschede and Rzeszow (Poland) sign letter of intent

The mayors of Enschede and Rzeszow (Poland)In the presence of the Polish Ambassador, companies from Twente and Poland, and knowledge centres, Mayor Onno van Veldhuizen and his counterpart Dr. T. Ferec committed themselves to investigate how they can facilitate the collaboration between companies and knowledge centres from both cities. The city of Rzeszow has virtually the same DNA and the same size as Enschede, is a true university city and offers, among other things, the opportunity to become a collaboration partner in EU financed projects. The first result of the letter of intent is an economic mission from Enschede/Twente to Rzeszow (planning: April 2019). The UT and Saxion have already indicated that they would like to join this mission.


Visit to the London embassy and alumni meeting

Ealumni event Londenarly July, representatives of the development company Oost NL, Universiteit Twente and the Economy Department of the municipality of Enschede attended a UT alumni meeting in London. Together with the Province of Overijssel and Universiteit Twente, Enschede invests in activating the alumni network with the aim of economic strengthening. The programme therefore also included a meeting with the innovation attaché and director of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.



Educational Affairs Dalian bij ISTMs. Liu Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary-General of Educational Affairs of the city of Dalian, visited Enschede together with Ms. Wang Li, director of the Luxun Highschool. They visited the Bonhoeffer College, Universiteit Twente and the International School Twente. Appearing in the middle of the photograph is Jeroen Gakes, director of ISTwente, who switched from a Chinese International School in Qingdao to Twente.

Cross-border collaboration in Urban Air Mobility

Mayor Onno van Veldhuizen and the European CommissionIn September, Mayor Onno van Veldhuizen signed the letter of intent in the context of Urban Air Mobility, an initiative of the European Commission to explore and demonstrate the possibilities of urban air mobility. With Enschede and Münster as participating cities, we were the first cross-border consortium, co-signed by, among others, MST, Brandweer Twente (Twente Fire Department), ANWB Medical Air Assistance and ADAC Luftrettung. The demonstration projects of applications of drones for police, the fire department and healthcare facilities (for acute care) will be realised in 2019.



Chinese visit to Universiteit Twente and Novel-T

Bezoek aan Design-LabSharing knowledge of technological developments is part of the collaboration between Enschede and Dalian. Mid-October, a delegation of Dalian High Tech Zone led by Mr. Cao Jing visited Universiteit Twente and Novel-T. They and a delegation from the Province of Liaoning – which has friendly relations with the Province of Overijssel – were welcomed by Deputy Mayor Eelco Eerenberg at city hall.

Tolle Woche

Logo Die Tolle WocheEnschede hosted Die Tolle Woche from 29 September to 7 October as the most German city of the Netherlands. During this week, the city organised activities at various locations around town and across the border, ranging from Feierzeit with secondary school students to a cross-border beer festival and a concert with Dutch-German musicians.


Enschede receives award for collaboration with Dalian

Burgemeester van Veldhuizen toont de awardLate November, the Chinese government presented an award to Enschede as a token of appreciation for the collaboration of our city with sister city Dalian.

This ceremony took place during the rural China International Friendship Conference in the city of Wuhan. During this conference, Chinese cities could each nominate one of their sister cities for this award.

A total of approximately 30 cities worldwide received an award.


Attending the conference was combined with a working visit of Enschede educational partners to seven different schools/universities and the Education Bureau in Dalian.