Register as a student in the municipality from abroad

Are you going to study in Enschede? You need to register with the municipality of Enschede if you plan to live in Enschede, and plan to reside in the Netherlands for more than 4 months. 

Processing your registration will take longer

Due to the large number of registrations, unfortunately it will take longer before you get an appointment for the ID check. It can take several weeks. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • We kindly request you not to call the municipality to check the status of your registration
  • please check your mailbox. We will send you an e-mail within a few weeks
  • send your registration request only once. Sending it more than once will slow down the registration process

Step 1: Register online

Fill in the registration form online. You can only fill in this form, if you are a student and you are coming to live in Enschede from abroad.
For the registration you need:
•    A scan or photo of your passport or ID card
•    A scan or photo of the rental contract or the written consent of the main resident that you may be registered.  

Register online

Step 2: Keep an eye on your mailbox

You will receive an invitation by mail to come to the municipal office for an ID check. We then check your identity and whether your personal data is correct.

Please bring to the appointment:

  • Your passport or ID card.
  • Your original rental contract or the original written permission of the main occupant  that you may  be registered at the address.

Step 3: We will send your citizen service number to your home address

After the ID-check in the municipal office, we will do a final check to see if we have your data in our system correctly. After that we will send you, your citizen service number (BSN) to your address in Enschede. This will take about a week.

Step 4: Apply for a DigiD

With a DigiD you can idenify   who you are online. Many Dutch government agencies require a DigiD to manage your affairs.

What do you need to know?

Reporting a relocation is free.

Good to know: if you do not report your relocation, you risk an administrative fine. 


If you already live in the Netherlands, you can report your move to Enschede online.

What do you need to register at the municipality?

  • A valid passport or ID card.
  • An address where you will live in Enschede. You proof where you are going to live with a rental contract or written permission from the main resident .
  • Sometimes we need additional documents from you. For example, a birth certificate or marriage certificate. If we need additional documents, you will hear this during your first appointment at the municipal office. You must submit these documents after your registration.

In the Netherlands you need a BSN (citizen service number)

The BSN gives you access to many government agencies. For example, you can apply for a health insurance with your BSN. 

Have you finished your education in Enschede?

Please inform the municipality that you are moving. 

  • Are you moving to another place in Enschede? Please inform us online with your new address. 
  • Are you moving to another place in the Netherlands? Please register with the municipality where you are moving to. Check the website of that municipality. 
  • Are you moving to another country? You have to deregister in Enschede