Business Service Point: From ideas to actions

Engaging in commerce takes courage. However, it is not a leap into the unknown. Whether you are starting a new business, or already have experience of trading elsewhere. The Business service point Enschede (local authority’s business counter) assists everyone who has plans and ideas with the follow up steps. We do that by offering knowledge, advice and support. Feel free to come in for a chat. You will find that the lines of communication here are short and that partnerships are profitable. 

How may we assist you?

We help you find the right location in Enschede. We help you apply for subsidies and permits and provide you with the latest statistics and indicators. We are also happy to assist with introductions to contacts in the local real estate market. Or would you prefer to use associate entrepreneurs in our city as a sounding board? No problem. We have a huge network and we are delighted to share it.

Welcome to Enschede!

In Enschede, we do business together

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