Garbage in the street

Garbage next to containers or on the street creates a dirty street view and causes nuisance. At several waste sites in Enschede, garbage bags are left next to containers. Through camera surveillance the municipality can trace people who leave their waste next to the containers. Those people can also expect a fine.

The cameras film 24 hours a day. The locations of the cameras are: 

  • Garbage site near shopping center Enschede Zuid
  • Garbage site near shopping center De Lage Bothof
  • Garbage site near shopping center Stroinkslanden


The fine for illegally leaving garbage behind at the waste site is €95.


With this camera surveillance, the municipality complies with the rules for the protection of police data. Only the garbage sites and the immediate surroundings will be on camera. It won’t be possible for the cameras to film inside homes, gardens or through windows. The only images that will be saved are the ones that show someone leaving garbage behind.