Moving abroad

You must deregister from the municipality if you are staying abroad for at least 8 months within 1 year. Even if you move back shortly in between. Report your move abroad online. You need DigiD.

Deregister in person at the City Office

You can also visit the City Office, at Hengelosestraat 51, to deregister. Call 14 053 to make an appointment.

What you should know

If you move abroad you must deregister at the latest 5 days before departure. You can deregister at the earliest 4 weeks before departure. 

Required documents

  • Valid identity document, of all family members moving abroad
  • Your current and future address

Proof of deregistration

If you need proof of deregistration abroad, you can request an extract from an RNI municipality.


Reporting your relocation is free.

Request a DigiD

If you do not have a DigiD, you can obtain one at DigiD. If you need assistance, call the municipality: